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Thierry Alen Business Development

”No-nonsense consultancy”

Thierry Alen is een echte doener: een denker die de daad bij het woord voegt!

Digitally transform and successfully use data

In our modern society, data and internet related services play an increasing role. But how do we make optimal use of these services? How and where do we use them? Which people, processes and technologies do we need?

As a result of ongoing digitisation, organisations are constantly having to deal with changes. They have to respond to new technological developments, tap new markets or restructure their existing markets. Moreover, companies have an increasing amount of data at their disposal. They want to make optimal use of this, but at the same time comply with applicable privacy laws and data protection regulations.

Thierry Alen has a clear vision on digitization. With plenty of experience in the technology sector, Alen can rightly be called an expert when it comes to digital transformation and digitisation projects. Thierry Alen has the personality needed to initiate change, and can support organisations like no other in the deployment of the appropriate IT-related services.


From technology strategy to approach and solution:

  • Sparring with board of directors about strategy
  • Assisting with the selecting of software packages and/or cloud services
  • Aligning IT to business operations and business processes


What opportunities do the latest technological developments offer your company?

  • Drawing up and implementing a marketing and sales strategy
  • Managing projects focused on business development
  • Creating and motivating good sales teams

John Ketelaars

Owner Intelectric Network Solutions

Over the years I have come to know Thierry as a driven person with a lot of knowledge of the services and products in his package. He is extremely communicative, speaks four languages and knows how to attract customers in his own unique way. Thierry is very social and compassionate: a real people person. I am pleased that our collaboration has been successful for more than seventeen years, time and again.

David Barlow

Director at Esprit Digital Interactive Lt

Thierry is one of those rare people in business “a creative thinker”. Thierry brings a deep knowledge of his subject and a lateral view of how that knowledge might be applied. Thierry will be a tremendous asset to any business that operates outside the ‘me too’ business model that is increasingly bringing the elecronic security industry to a commodity industry.

Thierry Alen Business developer

Thierry Alen about himself:

Zoveel mogelijk synergie binnen een team, dát is mijn doel.

“ Elk bedrijf en elke afdeling binnen een organisatie heeft vraagstukken of uitdagingen die  lastig te  beantwoorden of op te lossen zijn. Hoe realiseer je met innovatieve technologieën nieuwe businessmodellen, kwaliteitsverbeteringen of bijvoorbeeld besparingen? Dergelijke projecten vragen om iemand met een diepgaand verstand van de nieuwste technologische ontwikkelingen. Een manager die daarin kansen ziet, de leiding kan nemen en teams kan motiveren.”


As a business developer Thierry Alen worked both nationally and internationally with multidisciplinary teams.

Thierry quickly understands the nature of problems and will come up with the right solution in a foreseeable future. Sometimes he is a specialist, sometimes more generalist. In addition to the necessary professional knowledge, Thierry has plenty of knowledge of people and is happy to take responsibility. Thierry is regarded by many as an inspirer and motivator.

Thierry Alen is:

Thierry kan goed leidinggeven, neemt op tijd beslissingen en blijft vervolgens bij zijn besluit. Bij onzekerheid maakt hij toch een keuze en neemt daarvoor de volle verantwoordelijkheid.

Thierry voorziet in de juiste middelen om teams optimaal te laten presteren. Hij heeft de competentie om mensen positief te beïnvloeden en overtuigen.

Integriteit dwingt respect af. Mensen kunnen op Thierry vertrouwen. Dat bevordert de prestaties, tevredenheid en betrokkenheid van medewerkers.

Thierry heeft een duidelijke visie en vindt dat belangrijk. Een heldere visie geeft mensen een gemeenschappelijk doel en motiveert ze om door te zetten. Zonder visie geraakt men nergens.

Vanuit een altijd bescheiden en soms zelfs nederige opstelling, blijft Thierry in balans tussen gedienstigheid en krachtig leiderschap.

Thierry Alen heeft in het verleden verschillende organisaties getransformeerd, gemoderniseerd en geoptimaliseerd. Hij doet dat met een instelling van nooit opgeven: flexibel, maar altijd volhardend.

Cathelijne Vos

Business Transformation Consultant

Thierry is not your average sales guy. His unorthodox appraoch and out of the box thinking makes him succesful in tough markets. Apart from that, his sense of humor and positive nature make him a pleasure to work with.

Frank van der Velde

Insights & Analytics Director at Brand-Liquid

Thierry delivered outstanding results in a time-frame that was deemed virtually impossible. Excellent knowledge and accurate feedback at each stage of the project.

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Professional Experience

Zaandamse zorg B.V. - Holland-APO en PilleAbo

2018 – 2020 / Content Manager


2014 / Business development – Procurement management

3-Angle Software & Services BV

2012 – 2013 / IT & Telecom Infrastructure

David Barlow Ltd.

2010 – 2012 / Business Development, IT consultancy, Project Management

Damovo Belgium N.V.

2008 – 2009 / Account Management, Project Management, Security & Safety

Tyco International, EMEA

2004 – 2007 / Business development, Security & Safety

DynamicX Security B.V.

2003 – 2004 / IT consultancy, Security & Safety

Okapi Telecom

2001-2002 / IT & Telecom Infrastructure, Project Management

Sennac Interim Resultaat b.v.

2000-2001 / Business development, Project Management

Dätwyler Cable Systems

1999-2000 / Business Development, IT & Telecom Infrastructure, Sales consultant

3-Angle Software Services BV

1999-2000 / Business Development, IT & Telecom Infrastructure

TKM GmbH (D)

1995-1996 / Business development, IT & Telecom Infrastructure

Datelcom Installatiegroep b.v.

1993 – 1995 / IT & Telecom Infrastructure, Sales Consultant

GGD – gemeente Amsterdam

1990 – 1993 / IT & Telecom Infrastructure

Karl, Manfred Hofmann


Thierry Alen has been dealing with data and communication networks components up from the early 90th. Since, he was a promoter of the so called “structured cabling” in BeNeLux. We did a great job together, also many years later, after he works for me!

Marc van Heusden

Sr. Client Manager bij NTT LTD

At Damovo I worked with Thierry. Thierry is a professional and highly committed Account Manager with passion for his customers. His contacts are always based on a personal interest. Because of his empathy, enthusiasm, commercial acumen and perseverance, I recommend Thierry to anyone. He is a professional and pleasant colleague to work with.


Fluent speaking and writing


Fluent speaking and writing


Fluent speaking and writing


1986 – 1988

MTS evening school / practicum on car repair

1980 – 1983

HTS Industrial / Electrical Mechanics – Bachelors Degree

1980 – 1982

MTS Evening school / practicum on industrial welding

1976 – 1979

Atheneum B